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The START test is no longer the only tool to determine your math and English placement at Allan Hancock College. You can be placed in math and English classes based on multiple measures including your performance in high school. This means, there is an opportunity to shorten your time to graduate and/or transfer. Aside from viewing your high school performance, here are a few examples of other options for placement:

Do my START Scores give me the highest placement in English and Math?
Placement will be determined by whichever option yields the highest placement, i.e., high school coursework or START test results. START testing will not be needed for priority registration as prior high school courses will be used in lieu of the testing option if properly reported on the CCCApply application and a student has graduated within the last ten years. 

Many factors can affect a student’s decision to use START test scores for placement in English and Math:

  • Students may believe their high school coursework and grades are not indicative of their abilities and could potentially improve their placement.
  • Students may be returning to school after a long educational absence and believe their high school course knowledge would not apply to them at this time.
  • Students will not be at a disadvantage if they do decide to take the START test as the higher placement between the test and high school coursework will be used for course selection

START Virtual Remote Proctoring

Do you need to take the placement test for Allan Hancock College?

Would you like to take the test in your home at a time and day of your choosing?

If you meet the following computer requirements, you will be able to schedule an appointment for a fee of $25.

Computer Requirements

  1. Computer with a web cam
  2. High speed Internet connection

Click here if you don’t meet the requirements for virtual remote proctoring

If you meet the computer requirements above, complete the form below:


The Allan Hancock College Testing Center will email you a Remote Voucher Notification that contains your Voucher Number. BE SURE YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS VOUCHER BEFORE YOU SCHEDULE A TEST DATE. It will be needed when you take your exam.  You will schedule your test date and time after you receive this voucher and click on the link found under Test Center Hours.  If this is your first time using virtual proctoring, be sure to Register as a new student.

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