Frequently Asked Questions

  What are multiple measures? 

Multiple measures are used as a more comprehensive review of your math and English skill levels based on high school courses you completed, grades received and other educational experiences. It is a California Initiative aimed to increase a student’s opportunity to take college level English and math early in their college career.

  Can a student come in for a drop-in appointment to discuss multiple measures?
  How does multiple measures affect current students?

Current students can get a second look at their high school coursework to potentially change their current math and/or English placement. Multiple measures allows counselors to review the student’s high school unweighted cumulative grade point average as well as high school English and math courses for a possible new placement even after they have already taken courses at Allan Hancock College.

  How does multiple measures affect new students? 

Through the CCCApply application, new students will be able to use the high school coursework to place themselves in the appropriate math and English. The START test will be available for new students who choose to take the test. The higher placement of the two options will be used to determine their placement.

 How does multiple measures affect former/returning students?

With the multiple measures options, former/returning students will have an option for a second look to reexamine their math and English placement even after they have already taken college coursework. Students are encouraged to file a new CCCApply application and to see a counselor for more details.

  How does multiple measures relate to CCCApply?

Being thorough and accurate in your CCCApply application is key for an appropriate math and English placement. Missing or inaccurate information will cause a misplacement and may encourage you to look into other options I.e. taking START test, when it may not be needed. CCCApply will only place students who have graduated from high school within the last ten years. All other students can be directed to a counselor for other available options.

  Can I still take the START Test? 

All students will have the option to take the START test for placement, if desired. Placement will be determined by whichever option yields the highest placement I.e. high school coursework or START test results. START testing will not be needed for priority registration as prior high school courses will be used in lieu of the testing option if properly reported on the CCCApply application and a student has graduated within the last ten years.

  Why would a student still want or need to take the START placement test?

Many factors can affect a student’s decision to take the START test:

  • Students may believe their high school coursework and grades are not indicative of their abilities and could potentially improve their placement.
  • Students may be returning to school after a long educational absence and believe their high school course knowledge would not apply to them at this time.

Students will not be at a disadvantage if they do decide to take the START test as the higher placement between the test and high school coursework will be used for course selection.

 What can a current Allan Hancock student do to have their math and English reevaluated if they did not complete a CCCApply application?

A current Allan Hancock student will be able to meet with a counselor to determine their proper placement options. Current students will be strongly encouraged to fill out a new CCCApply application to update their information, which could potentially assist with placement options.

 Where can you get more information regarding placement options/multiple measures?

Students can visit the Santa Maria Campus, Lompoc Valley Center, Santa Ynez Valley Center, Vandenberg AFB counseling departments for more details (General Counseling, STEM/MESA, EOPS, LAP, CAN, UTC).

 I just got a post card from Hancock and I was wondering how it affects me?

You have received this postcard because we wanted to make you aware of our new options available to you regarding your math and English placement. Counselors can now review your high school transcripts and reevaluate your placement in a more holistic manner and not just with your START results. This means we could potentially get you to your academic goal(s) much more quickly. Coming in to see a counselor could save you time and money!

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Last Modified Aug 18, 2017