Recommended Websites

Khan Academy 
Video explanations, examples, and practice problems with answers on just about everything math and non-math including:  Arithmetic, Algebra (all levels), Geometry, Statistics, Calculus 1, 2, and 3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, plus more math topics and other subjects, e.g. Biology, Art History, Computer Science, California Standards Tests, Physics, Chemistry, and Microeconomics.

Hippo Campus 
Video presentations, examples, simulations, and test preparation for various math and non-math subjects including Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics & Probability, Physics, Biology, History, and Psychology.

Purple Math
Purple Math is a good online resource for math help for the following subjects:  basic math; beginning, intermediate, and advanced (college) algebra; word problems. While watching video explanations, the user may do practice problems, immediately learning whether the answers were correct or not. Worksheets and preparation for standardized tests are also available.

Paul's Online 
This Lamar University web site is helpful for students wanting information on college algebra and all levels of calculus (AHC's Math 181, 182, 183, and 184).  It contains class notes and explanations, downloadable handouts, practice problems, and reviews.

West Texas 
The West Texas A & M University web site offers assistance in the beginning, intermediate, and advanced (college) algebra.  Go to this site to view tutorials, work sample problems, or prepare for the START (ACCUPLACER) or GED tests.

Texas Instruments Guidebooks 
User guides for various TI calculators.

Texas Instruments Tutorials 
Tutorials on using various TI calculators.

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Luisa Gijon

Luisa Gijon

" My experience in AHC was enlightening. I learned to overcome obstacles. I learned to look for help when I had a problem. When I first came to AHC, I was placed in English 501. English was one of the hardest courses for me, but having a laboratory with great staff help me get confidence. I took advantage of the free tutoring AHC had. The biggest thing I learned from AHC was to trust myself in everything I did.
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