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Deadline to apply for an AA/AS degree and/or certificate for 2018-2019:

Steps to apply for a degree and/or certificate

Summer 2018-  August 1, 2018

Fall 2018-  December 6, 2018

Spring 2019- March 29, 2019

Deadline to apply for an AA-T/AS-T degree for transfer students:

Winter/Spring 2019 admission

October 12, 2018

Fall 2019 admission

          February 14, 2019

Deadline to submit the following 2018-2019 counseling appeals:

Printable Counseling forms

  • Reinstatement Application
  • Prerequisite/Corequisite/Placement Appeal
  • Matriculation Appeal
  • Excessive Course Attempt
  • College Now Appeal

Summer 2018
May 25, 2018

Fall 2018
          Semester length & Term 1 classes
          August 3, 2018

          Term 2 classes
          September 28, 2018

Winter 2019
           November 30, 2018

Spring 2019
          Semester length & Term 3 classes
          January 4, 2019

 Term 4 classes
 March 8, 2019

Deadline to submit a 2018-2019 Loss of Enrollment Priority Registration and/or BOG Fee Waiver Appeal:

Students wishing to reinstate his/her priority registration must submit the appeal at least one business day prior to the requested priority day.   

Students wishing to reinstate his/her BOG, must meet with a counselor to determine BOG eligibility.  If approved, a counselor will sign a BOG Fee Waiver Appeal.  The appeal cab be submitted throughout the registration cycle.    


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